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Sri Lanka Visa - All you need to know about eTA Sri Lanka

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Applying for Sri Lanka visa is no longer stressful or time-consuming, thanks to the technologically advanced eTA Visa. With an e-visa Sri Lanka, you are spared the trouble of queuing outside government agencies for hours. In fact, you can sit comfortably at home while planning your next travel to Sri Lanka, for which you will need to simply go online, and fill out an application with all the necessary details, and obtain your tourist visa via email in an uncomplicated and smooth way.

What Is eTA Visa For Sri Lanka And Do I Need A Visa For Sri Lanka?

Yes, Sri Lanka visa for Indian tourists is mandatory as well as tourists from other countries to obtain a visa in order to enter this country. This rule has been in effect since the 1st of January, 2012. The term eTA Visa stands for Electronic Travel Authorization visa, which allows you to apply for eTA Sri Lanka visa online instead of visiting any government agency. This ESTA or eTA Visa has made the visa applying process easier than ever before. And with the help of our website, you can gain all the much-needed information that will ensure that your e-visa Sri Lanka reaches you is a hassle-free and time-saving manner.

Sri Lanka tourist visa is granted via the internet to several countries across the world including Indian and most European countries (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands...). In order to apply through our website, you will only require a valid document for traveling and a proper internet connection. Also, you need to ensure that your passport has been valid for a minimum of 6 months, else you will not be able to obtain your visa for Sri Lanka.

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Getting your Sri Lanka visa through the electronic process is beneficial in many ways, and the most significant advantage is that you will obtain the visa promptly without having to step out of your home. Moreover, you have the advantage of applying for the e-visa as early as 90 days prior to the date of your flight.

Our extremely dedicated customer support team ensures that all your doubts and queries regarding the e-visa are clarified with utmost care. Our support is offered in both English and German languages and is available all 7 days in a week to assist you in the best possible way when you apply for an electronic travel authorization Visa for Sri Lanka. You will only need to fill out the form with all the required information about your trip’s purpose and passport information. In case, any issue arises during the visa processing, our team will get in touch with you so that the process is completed smoothly and you receive the visa as early as possible.

Visa Requirements For Sri Lanka

The following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • You should be a resident of any country which is entitled to get the visa to Sri Lanka
  • Your passport should have been valid for a minimum of 6 months
  • You need to apply for the Sri Lanka eTA using your passport, which should also be with you when traveling to Sri Lanka because your visa will be linked to your passport number

While you can upload all your necessary information on the Electronic Travel Authorization application, our eTA Visa Sri Lanka helps you throughout this process by providing subtle details above all the blank spaces with a description that will help you fill out the blank spaces with the appropriate information.

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We have carefully designed this website for those who have very little time for completing their visa applying process for Sri Lanka, and need to obtain the visa within a short duration. Our aim is to assist travelers with immediate processing of their Sri Lanka visa application papers so that they can get their Sri Lanka tourist visa within a time frame of just 72 hours. We ensure that minimum time is spent on commencing the visa processing for travelers, who only need to complete their forms and add in their necessary documents.

And you can call up our customer support whenever you get stuck in the process of applying for the visa, or while filling out the details. Anyone living at great distance for their local government and visa processing offices can easily use our online Sri Lanka visa application tool to obtain their visa. Not only is it easy to use, but the tool is also convenient especially because of the improved interface, which has been specifically designed to ensure less typing. You can easily fill in most of the necessary details on the form using the drop-down scroll menus (for example- Date of Birth, accommodation type, country of issue, etc.). It is among the most efficient tools that are available to apply for e-visa Sri Lanka so far.

How To Apply For Sri Lanka Visa Online? - Process Of The Application

sri lanka visa online

As mentioned earlier, the process is both fast and simple, and you don’t need to have any previous technical knowledge or experience in order to apply for your visa. The only requirements are that you should be able to write and read properly, and the process will be complete before you know. But if for some reason, you are unable to write or read, don’t worry. We are backed by a team of dedicated and experienced customer support who will help you complete the process of applying in the most appropriate manner.

In order to complete the visa applying process through our website, you need to follow the steps provided below:

Step no.1 - Filling In the Sri Lanka visa Application Form

First, you must click on “Apply online for an eTA” button, which is primarily a link that will take you securely to our tool where you have to fill in the form.

Apply online for an eTA

Provide all the details that are required in the Application form including your basic information (airport, nationality, email), flight details, DOB, gender, personal details (occupation, a name of the country you belong to), address, etc. Uploading certain necessary documents will also be a part of the form-fill up process. Be careful about the picture quality requirements while uploading your passport-sized picture in the visa application form.

Step no. 2 - Online Payment

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After you have completed the Application form for electronic travel authorization visa, you will need to select a payment mode according to your choice to make the payment online. You can select from various payment options which include Visa Card, MasterCard, Sofort, American Express and Discover among others. A small waiver for the e-visa processing will be charged.

Step no.3 - Email Notification

The next step after the confirmation of your payment is an email notification in your email address, which you have provided earlier while filling out the visa application form. You will receive your visa within a time span of 72 hours in your email address.

However, before confirming your application for the tourist visa, you need to go through all the requirements/obligations in detail:

  • Each eTA Sri Lanka holder must prove that he/she possesses a round trip ticket which needs to be shown at the entry port in Sri Lanka (if your means of traveling is flight), and evidence of enough funds to fully cover all the expenses that will be made in Sri Lanka.
  • An eTA visa holder must not engage in unpaid or paid form of employment, business or trade other than what is specified in the form, all through his/her stay in Sri Lanka.
  • You must agree that the payment will be made through your credit card(s) immediately following the application submission. Fees and requirements that are related to the processing of the Sri Lanka visa may be changed from time to time, so you need to agree that the processing fee that is paid by you will neither be transferable nor refundable.
  • When you decide to use our site, you are actually authorizing the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka to communicate with your through e-mail, text messages, or some other form of non-electronic or electronic communication means.
  • Finally, when you submit the form, you are certifying that all the information that you provided are correct and true to your knowledge.

What To Do After You Apply For Sri Lanka Visa?

sri lanka visa for indian

Having completed the form, you can get back to your plans for traveling to Sri Lanka, and make all the required arrangements to ensure a comfortable stay all through your tour. You will have the electronic visa within 3 days (72 hours) of sending your application. However, don’t forget to check your email every now and then as you may receive the visa anytime.

In case you are planning to travel within the next few days (96 hours), you should directly contact us through the phone to speed up the entire process. Our waiver is ideal for those clients who are in urgent requirement of visa so that it is ready by the time they are ready to fly to Sri Lanka.

Are There Any Differences Between Sri Lanka Visa And eTA Sri Lanka?

No, there aren’t many differences between the regular and the electronic visa Sri Lanka. Both help you ease the process of traveling to Sri Lanka, and both can come to use anytime you want. But, both options have their own set of uses. Here are some important differences between these two options:

The Expiration Difference

The regular visa does not expire until at least six months, but the electronic visa expires within a time frame of 90 days from when it is processed. This implies that you will not be allowed to use your electronic visa after 3 months from when it was processed.

Staying Duration In Sri Lanka

sri lanka online visa

Using the regular visa will allow you to stay in the country for the specified number of days as mentioned in your visa. But in the case of electronic visa, you can only stay for as many as 28 days post your arrival in Sri Lanka. You must also remember that traveling with an electronic visa will require you to put up in only registered accommodations. While the regular visa allows you to put up at any local accommodation or a friend’s place, you cannot do the same with your electronic visa.

Travel Mode Options

Your electronic visa gives you the option to travel by air or by road in Sri Lanka. However, you need to check with the airport if it accepts your electronic visa before booking your flight.

The difference in Attributes

While the regular visa is more like a booklet, which is similar to a driving license, provided to you for the sole purpose of international travel, the electronic visa is a digital approval, which you can print on a paper for your convenience.

You might also come across some other small differences between these two options, mostly with regard to the duration for obtaining the visas and their processing procedures. The electronic visa is more helpful for those travelers who intend to spend a small vacation in Sri Lanka for which they require visa within a short duration of time. But the regular visa is meant for those who plan to stay for an extended time period with their friends or relatives. In case you violate any regulation or measure provided along with your electronic visa, you may have to end up paying penalties or fines, or even immediate deportation.

Some Additional Information About Visa For Sri Lanka

visa to sri lanka

So, by now you know that the eTA Sri Lanka visa option allows you to stay in Sri Lanka for 28 days and that its expiry is within 3 months since its processing. You also are aware of the fact that applying for the electronic visa does not require you to visit the embassy, but can be done easily with the help of our website. And we will be there with you throughout the entire process of applying for the electronic visa so that it can be completed in a hassle-free and smooth manner.

Don’t forget to carry the same passport with you that you use for filling in the form, as without it your trip might be totally canceled. Additionally, we want you to know that it is important for you to control your spam files so that you don’t end up deleting your Sri Lanka visa. And in a case of any doubt or queries, we are always here to help you out. You may call or email us regarding any visa problem, and you will receive a response from us in no time. We are here to help you make your trip to Sri Lanka as memorable as possible, and we will not rest until we make sure you are on the flight that you have booked for your Sri Lankan vacation.

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