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Sri Lanka visa – eTA for Sri Lanka


Since 1st January 2012, it is necessary to have Sri Lanka visa for the travel. This abbreviation stands for electronic travel authorisation and is equal to the application for a visa but with the difference that eTA Sri Lanka can be obtained online. Since this date applying for Sri Lanka visa has never been easier. Please bear in mind that the correct name for the visa is eTA or ESTA. This website will provide all necessary information and will help you to access your eTA on a very comfortable and easy way.

The most European countries are entitled to get the visa to enter Sri Lanka online. All you need to have is an internet connection and a valid traveling document. To remember is the fact that your passport needs to be valid longer than at least six months otherwise you won't be able to retrieve your eta. There are several reasons why it is worth to apply for eTA Sri Lanka online. One of them is the promptness of granting your Sri Lanka visa without leaving the house. You are able to apply for the eTA (equal to ESTA) no sooner than 90 days before your flight date.

Of course, our service includes the full support in her ms of every single question regarding eTA Sri Lanka. We offer support in English and German. We are available 7 days a week and we are always happy to assist you when applying eTA Sri Lanka. All you have to do is to fill in the form providing some information about the purpose of your trip and information about your passport. If during the process of visa any doubts will occur we will contact you to proceed with your eTA Sri Lanka as soon as possible.


Now let's talk in details about eTA Sri Lanka. The process is very easy indeed. To obtain the visa to enter Sri Lanka you need to invest just a few minutes. Once granted you can make for the trip with ETA Sri Lanka and stay on site at an outside estimate of 28 days. A business and touristic trip visit are allowed with the eTA Sri Lanka. This country is economically growing and more and more companies are located here. Business meeting, conferences etc are possible with eTA. Attractive for visitors with the visa to enter SriLanka is the location of the island.

On the other hand, a lot of tourists are visiting using eTA Sri Lanka. This island has so much to offer! The only visa to SriLanka called ETA (the same ESTA) is the key to learning about local people with their bright culture and interesting however exotic mentality. Culinary fans will definitely get theirs money's worth as well. Not to forget is also the fantastic nature with amazing beaches where you can enjoy sunsets and relax. That's all and much more is possible only due to eTA which you can get sent to our service. This website provides all information and the application form for Sri Lanka visa.

If you are not sure if the nationality of your passport entitles you to apply online for the ETA SriLanka please check the appropriate tab on the website which is really well-structured and easy t o use. So why hesitate?


We already know that all passengers traveling to eTA Sri Lanka are allowed to stay in the country 28 days and the visa Sri Lanka is valid through 3 months. We also know that get the visa it is no longer necessary to apply at the embassy but to register eTA all that you have to do is visiting our website and use our form for the visa to Sri Lanka. Of course what you also need is carrying along a valid passport which you need to apply for the eTA.

In addition, we would like to inform that the spam file needs to be controlled to avoid deleting of you Sri Lanka visa but certainly if you have any issues or doubts our dedicated team is always there for you. You can mail or call us regarding visa and we will respond to all inquiries and make you happy enjoying t he trip with eTA SriLanka!

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