Visa For Sri Lanka For Australian Citizens – Requirements

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Visa For Sri Lanka For Australian Citizens – Requirements

Visa For Sri Lanka For Australian Citizens – Requirements

Visa for Sri Lanka for Australian Citizens can easily be accessed through an online platform(iVisa) and via the Sri Lanka Embassy in Australia.

Australian Citizens are required to provide accurate and updated personal data when they need Visa for International travel. There are certain countries that do not require one to have Visa to enter and exit their countries.

Majority of countries want foreigners to use Visa to travel to their place. Australian citizens are not exceptional, they do need Visa to enter Sri Lanka.

If at any point you plan to go to Sri Lanka as a foreigner, maybe as a student, a tourist, a business person, or for any other purpose, you will definitely need a traveling visa. Making an effort to acquire one will make your trip expedite and you will not face challenges in your journey.


  1. Sri Lanka Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens
  2. Visa costs and fees for Australian Citizens 
  3. Additional Requirements
  4. Conclusion

Sri Lanka Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens(Ways of Obtaining Visa)

Visa For Sri Lanka For Australian Citizens

Australia as a nation is not exempted from this requirement check. Its Citizens must apply for Sri Lanka Visa upon arrival. They can apply online for Tourist Visa(Double Entry) which will allow you to stay there for the next 30 days upon payment of the visa.

They can also obtain Transit Visa which they can get via the internet and will help them be in Sri Lanka for 48 hours(Single Entry) upon payment.

You can also apply online for Business Visa( Multiple Entry) that will enable you to to be in Sri Lanka for 30 days upon receipt of the visa.

Remember you can apply for an extension of the number of days at the Department of Immigration and Emigration after you have paid an extra fee. You are also advised where possible to apply for a regular visa at Sri Lanka Embassy in Australia to avoid setbacks in your journey.

All of these applications can be found through digital platform i.e at iVisa or at the Sri Lanka ETA. 

Applying through this system minimizes bureaucracies and ensures that an individual is there to guide you through the entire process. This will guarantee you direct submission of visa application.

Visa costs and fees for Australian Citizens

Visa For Sri Lanka For Australian Citizens

When you apply for a visa through an online platform visa fee is needed. You have to pay for two categories of Visa Fee.

These were referred to as Government Fee and Service Fee. Depending on your stay in Sri Lanka plus nature of your visa, you will pay a fee for a 30-day business visa with multiple entries,48 hours tourist visa with a single entry and for a standard 30-day transit visa with double entry. 

Double entry visa does not expire for the next 180 days immediately after its first usage.

Visa For Sri Lanka For Australian Citizens

Additional Requirements

Visa For Sri Lanka For Australian Citizens

Upon payment of the visa, when you reach Sri Lanka you have to ensure that you are equipped with adequate funds for sustainability in the country.

There is a condition that if you are a foreigner and you happen to have come or traveled from an infected area for the last nine days prior to arrival, then the person must be vaccinated for Yellow Fever. 

If you have gone there with a tourist visa then you are restricted to tourist activities alone.


It is vital to appreciate check requirements necessary to get a visa as an Australian Citizen for easy entry into Sri Lanka.


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