Sri Lanka Visa for Portuguese citizens

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Sri Lanka Visa for Portuguese citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Portuguese citizens

Taking time off for a vacation is necessary in the life of every human being as it is the perfect opportunity to recharge energies, free the mind from the daily work struggles, be able to concentrate on oneself and decide if the path your life has taken is the one you want or if it is time to change your perspective, set new goals or do some changes to enable you to grow and evolve both spiritually and professionally. It is for this reason that Portuguese citizens travel to Sri Lanka because in this country they can find through the help of ayurvedic medicine, inner balance, new energies to preserve health, cure certain illnesses and even lose extra weight.

But the traveler must comply with the following requirements to enter the country: having a valid passport issued in the country of nationality and having an eTA to Sri Lanka, since this authorization allows the traveler the possibility to stay in the country for 30 days. In case you do not have the electronic travel authorization, you have nothing to worry about, as it can be granted via the Internet. All you have to do is fill out the application from your home or office.

In the application, the Portuguese citizen fills out a form with all the data required, the email address, passport number you will use to travel to Sri Lanka. The permit will be linked exclusively to the passport you will carry throughout your trip. As for the

How can the Portuguese benefit from Ayurvedic medicine?

The fact of being granted with an eTA to Sri Lanka allows the Portuguese passenger to stay in the best resorts of the country where it offers the best ayurvedic treatments, but if you still don’t know the benefits of this fabulous medicine, here we enumerate all you need to know to be part of this incredible experience.

  • First of all, Ayurvedic medicine is not part of a fashion or a trend within social media, it is a medicine originated in neighboring India over 5000 years ago and currently has the recognition of the World Health Organization. It can be assured the Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest medical systems in the world.
  • The main resource characterizing the ayurvedic medicine is the massage with essential oils, hot vegetables and rhythmic movements where the traveler will be able to release all the tensions and achieve a state of relaxation from head to toe. To deepen the effects of your treatment, the tourist is recommended a personalized diet to help restore balance in the body, facilitate longevity and ensure a healthy life.
  • A Portuguese can benefit from Ayurvedic medicine not only through massage but because you are in an environment where you can learn to meditate and practice yoga, which helps you strengthen your mind, tune in to your spirituality and be filled with the privilege of being surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes on the planet.

Which are the best hotels offering Ayurvedic medicine in Sri Lanka?

A Portuguese traveler along with his passport and eTA to Sri Lanka can stay at the best hotels in Sri Lanka, which offer incredible packages with Ayurvedic medicine treatments that fit the needs of each tourist. The most famous are:

  1. Villa Velmarie. Located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, is the resort Villa Velmarie which offers tourists a yoga and ayurvedic medicine retreat with programs that include 7 days of relaxation. The villa has a swimming pool, access to the sea, a restaurant with vegetarian food, personalized treatment of ayurvedic medicine, yoga classes and luxury rooms.
  2. Oasis Ayurveda Beach Resort. Located in Hambantota, on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, this fabulous hotel has a tropical atmosphere where you can find an oasis of peace by the beach. It has a special Regeneration package which covers 7 days where you will have the personalized ayurvedic medicine services, ideal to restore your body to a state of balance and full relaxation. Among the services, the hotel has a fitness center, a gym, swimming pool, access to the sea, golf course, a spa area and expert doctors in ayurvedic medicine.
  3. Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort. Located in Wadduwa with access to the beach, this resort has 22 Ayurvedic treatment rooms to help tourists who have problems with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, frequent migraines, respiratory diseases, asthma, diabetes, skin diseases, among others. Its luxury suites feature fabulous sea views for your enjoyment and relaxation.

Traveling to Sri Lanka can become your renewal vacation, as you can not only experience the beauty of nature and enjoy the divine beaches but also sign up for different plans that will help you restore your body and help you free yourself from the stress of routine and work.

Sri Lanka Visa for Portuguese citizens

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