Sri Lanka Visa for Mexican citizens

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Sri Lanka Visa for Mexican citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Mexican citizens

Visiting Sri Lanka is an opportunity to see the wonderful world of the jungle and the unique Ceylon culture. Endless forests, numerous waterfalls, rivers, incredible landscapes, wild animals, ruins of ancient cities – this is the priceless heritage of Sri Lanka.

Obtaining a Sri Lanka visa for Mexican citizens recently has become a fairly easy and quick procedure. This was made possible thanks to the new Electronic Travel Authorization service. For more, please read below.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Why do I need to apply for eTA?

From January 2012, foreign citizens can obtain an electronic visa to Sri Lanka, which is called ETAElectronic Travel Authorization. It can be applied online on ETA is issued in three cases:

  • Transit: The capital of the country, Colombo, is a large transport hub through which dozens of flights operate every day. Many travelers may need to transfer through Ceylon. ETA in this situation is the most suitable solution.
  • Business visits: After the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009, the country was swept by the growth of business activity in various fields. The annual growth of this area is about 20%. Often, tourists who come for the first time on vacation are visited by the idea that they would like to stay on the island, especially since it is immediately discovered that the country is full of areas of economic activity that would seem to be able to provide income to the owner. In this regard, applying for an electronic Sri Lanka visa for Mexican citizens who want to start a business in this country may be the best choice.
  • Tourism: As mentioned above, the island of Sri Lanka is rich in first-class beaches, unforgettable natural landscapes, modern hotels, and a lot of ancient showplaces. It is also worth remembering that a tourist visa prohibits doing business or working in the country.

What must be presented at the Border control zone:

  • Valid passport (at least 6 months from the date of departure).
  • Immigration card. To be completed in English onboard the aircraft or already at the airport.
  • Rarely, they ask for return tickets and proof of financial security (cash, card statements).
  • It is recommended that you carry a copy of the ETA notice.

For a child, ETA is needed only if he has his own passport. If the children are inscribed in the parent’s passport, then you do not need to issue an ETA separately. If the child is not 11 years old, then you do not need to pay a fee.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Frequently asked questions

– Will I have any problems with a credit card of Mexican banks in Sri Lanka?

Before flying to Sri Lanka, call the bank and ask not to block the card in Sri Lanka. A “surprise” with a blocked card can ruin your visit.

– Can I, visiting Sri Lanka by eTA, open a bank account in a local bank?

With an electronic visa, you can legally buy a SIM card from a local operator and exchange money at a bank. With e-visa, you can even open an account with a local bank and receive money transfers Western Union, MoneyGram, UniStream!

– What should I do if payment by ETA fails and the money is debited from the card?

Some banks consider Sri Lanka a risk zone and block operations with this country. In this case, you need to call the bank and check whether operations with Sri Lanka are permitted.

Another option – the card does not fit. It is better to use the Visa Classic and MasterCard Standart and higher cards to pay for ETA.

You have already decided to visit Sri Lanka in the near future, but not sure how you will apply for a visa? There is no doubt – eTA is one of the most convenient choices for traveling to this country!

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Mexican citizens

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