Sri Lanka Visa for Italian citizens

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Sri Lanka Visa for Italian citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Italian citizens

Holidays should not be taken lightly. Although many people think that deciding where they will travel during the holidays is a simple decision, it certainly is not.

Because vacations are moments in which, in addition to relaxing, we know other places, other cultures, we learn things and life experiences that will then remain in our memories for years. Therefore, before choosing the place where we will spend our vacations, it is important to think of a site that leaves an important mark on us.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Thanks to the world we live in, we have access to countries that a few years ago were closed to the world for having to face difficult conflicts. One of these countries is Sri Lanka, also called Ceylon.

Known as the Tear of India, for its particular shape and location, for many years it has been an important exporter of raw materials, such as tea, which has made it very famous in the world.

But if there is something Sri Lanka has to offer the world, it is all the wonders that are hidden within its borders. So if you are thinking of a great place to spend your vacation, come see all that Sri Lanka has to offer.

Worth visiting in Sri Lanka

As we said, the decision of the place we will visit during our vacation cannot be taken lightly, therefore choosing a destination like Sri Lanka is one of the best options that can be taken, since thanks to its privileged geographical location it can offer great Natural options to enjoy a great vacation.

It can also offer incredible cultural options. Let’s look at some of the things that can be done in Sri Lanka:

  • Visit a tea plantation, Ceylon tea production is well known around the world.
  • Visit some of its beaches. In Sri Lanka, the beaches are like a dream, some of the most important are those of Tangalle and Arugam Bay, here you can enjoy a refreshing swim as well as a relaxing day in the sand.
  • Visit Colombo, the capital of the country, the best place to get to know the Sinhalese culture in depth.
  • Visit sacred cities, such as Kandy, the former capital of Sri Lanka, when it was still called Ceylon, where you can find many monuments
  • Visit the archaeological site of Sigiriya, one of the most important tourist spots in the country.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Visa to Sri Lanka

These are just some of the wonders that we will find within the borders of Sri Lanka, but the adventures in this place will be endless.

It is exciting to think about visiting a country like this, but before embarking on our trip it is necessary to do a previous investigation.

Because in addition to knowing a little about the Sinhalese culture and the places we want to visit, it is necessary to learn a little about the migration policies of the country we want to visit, in this case, Sri Lanka.

This is necessary because, depending on your country of origin and the country you wish to visit, it may be easier or more difficult to obtain permission to enter the place you want to visit on vacation.

In the case of Sri Lanka, there is the luck that there is a simplified system to request permission to enter the country, and most of the countries in the world (including Italy) can apply for it, significantly facilitating the procedures for their citizens, in order to promulgate tourism in Ceylon. This permit is called ETA, let’s see what it is and what your requirements are.

eTA to Sri Lanka

In the past, in order to enter Sri Lanka, it was necessary to apply for a traditional visa, which meant a series of cumbersome procedures, starting because you had to go to an embassy and meet many requirements.

But today, thanks to a simplified system, the procedures to request permission to enter the country are not so complicated.

This happens because, for some time now, the Sri Lankan government has launched a system called ETA, which replaces the traditional visa system and can be requested by citizens of many countries, including Italy. The ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization, as its name says, is an electronic procedure, therefore it must be done online.

It can be requested from anywhere in the world, with the benefit that it is not necessary to meet as many requirements as would happen with a traditional visa, which makes the ETA a significantly simpler application.

So if you are an Italian citizen who is thinking of traveling to Sri Lanka, we can only congratulate you because you would be making a great decision, and to help you make your trip easier, we will tell you how to request an ETA for Sri Lanka (

Sri Lanka visa for Italian citizens

To request an eTA for Sri Lanka, it is first necessary to have a passport with at least six months of validity from the moment you plan to enter the country and with at least one blank page.

It is also necessary to have a credit or debit card that allows online payments since it is necessary to cancel a fee, but this is not very high. These requirements should be more than sufficient, but in case the country requests it, it will be necessary to provide extra information, although if the procedure is done correctly there will be no need for a fact.

With these documents in hand, what you do is go to our website where after filling out a form and paying the fee, in less than 72 hours you will get your ETA to enter Sri Lanka.

Doing it on this site guarantees you that, if a problem arises unexpectedly, it will be solved and that, for any questions you may have, a 24/7 operator will be there to mitigate all doubts you may have.

So do not worry about the process to enter Sri Lanka, because this will be very simple and once done, you can enjoy one of the most incredible countries in the world.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Sri Lanka visa for Italian citizens

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