Sri Lanka Visa for Czech citizens

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Sri Lanka Visa for Czech citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Czech citizens

What do the Pettah market, Galle Street, Lake Beira Promenade, Galle Face Green Promenade, and the Independence Museum have in common? Well, if you don’t know, these are must-see spots when you travel to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In fact, Colombo is the city with the largest population in the country and has the most picturesque architecture and attractions that you should visit.

The best feature is the fact the island is tropical, so you can visit it almost any time of the year, so your Sri Lanka vacation only depends on when you pack your bags!

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Requirements to travel to Sri Lanka

If you plan to enjoy a rich vacation in Sri Lanka, there are certain documents you must have both to enter the country and to enjoy certain additional services, these are:

  1. A passport is of Czech origin valid for at least 6 months.
  2. An electronic travel authorization to Sri Lanka.
  3. Credit/debit card/PayPal/another method of payment

As far as eTA to Sri Lanka is concerned, it is a permit which offers the Czech citizen to stay in the country for 30 days. Its approval process is faster compared to the regular visa because it takes only 72 hours at most.

To obtain it, you must apply online, filling in a form with your details and your passport.

This permit can be issued whether you are traveling on business or holiday. Similarly, the administrative costs are paid online with your credit card.

The approval response for the authorization is always sent via email.

Nevertheless, you must have an international driver’s license in those cases where you plan to rent a vehicle to move around Sri Lanka during your stay.

In this regard, the laws in this country only allow you to rent if you have an approved international driver’s license. Once you have obtained all the necessary paperwork, you can enjoy all the wonderful activities Sri Lanka has to offer.


sri lanka visa for us citizens

What to wear while you are in Sri Lanka?

All Czech travelers ask themselves this question before traveling, and the answer depends on the place you intend to visit during your holidays:

  • If you would like to see the different temples in Sri Lanka, you must show respect for their culture and beliefs, so your clothes must cover your arms and legs. However, you should make sure that the fabrics are very soft as it is quite hot in these areas.
  • But, if you would like to travel to the center of the island, you will need warm clothes due to the altitude, which is colder. For the other areas, you can wear light clothes because it is very hot. Although our team of experts recommends that you use sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
  • The nights are generally fresh although due to the mosquitoes you can wear long clothes to avoid bites. On the other hand, as you are an eTA to Sri Lanka owner if you go to the beach to do activities like snorkeling you have the option to take your glasses and tube to practice or rent it locally.

Weekend getaway ideas for Czech travelers when in Sri Lanka

When you travel with an eTA to Sri Lanka you have unlimited options for activities to do in this beautiful country, it just depends on your tastes to undertake a wonderful adventure. On weekends you can:

  1. Visit the elephant orphanage in Pinnawala, where you will see the largest herd of elephants in captivity in the world. It is said that there are already more than 3 generations of elephants cared for at this orphanage. In this zoo, you will have the opportunity to see the elephants being bathed from very close by, and there is also a shop where you can buy souvenirs from this place.
  2. Visit the 3 giant Buddhas of Gal Vihara located in Polonnaruwa. The 3 Buddhas are sculpted on a wall, one of them is meditating, another is in a posture representative of enlightenment and the third, the most famous of Sri Lanka, with 15 meters in length, is in nirvana.
  3. Visit the beautiful colonial-style village called Nuwara Eliya, where from 1983 has been the place for the most important tea plantations in Sri Lanka.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Czech citizens

Sri-Lanka Visa