Sri Lanka Visa for Belgian citizens

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Sri Lanka Visa for Belgian citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Belgian citizens

One of the most beautiful things about the time in which we live is that many places that for a long time remained closed to the world, are open these days, showing all its splendor for all those who wish to visit them. Such is the case of Sri Lanka, a country also known as the island of a thousand names.

Formerly known as Ceylon, because of its advantageous geographical position, this place has long been an important point for maritime commerce, as well as being an important exporter of raw materials such as coffee, rubber, coconut, tea, among other things.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

It is precisely that privileged geographical position that has made Sri Lanka a place widely visited by tourists from all over the world.

First, for all the incredible natural wonders that are inside, where we can highlight the great beaches that circumcise the country since it is an island, but also for all the ancient monuments of ancient cultures that still stand the past of time.

But despite being such an attractive tourist spot, it is not as visited as other South Asian countries and is a cheap destination compared to others, therefore, a visit to Sri Lanka is a great option.

Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is not a country as large as others, but it does have a large number of emblematic tourist sites to visit, many of which are mandatory when we visit this country. Some of them are:

  • Colombo

The capital of the country. Almost all trips in Sri Lanka begin in this city, which, like many others in South Asia, is noisy and congested, but it will be an excellent place to soak up the Sinhalese culture, start tasting their typical food and instruct us a little more about the other tourist points that we will visit.

  • Sigiriya

In Sigiriya there is one of the points that in Sri Lanka are considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, we refer to an ancient royal palace, whose ruins today represent one of the most important attractions of the island.

  • The Sacred Cities of Anuradhapura and Kandy:

The first of these two was formerly the capital of Sri Lanka and even today it is considered a sacred city, where there are many religious monuments. The sacred city of Kandy is the most important point of Sinhala Buddhism, so here we can also find important tourist points.


sri lanka visa for us citizens

Sri Lanka entry

These are only some of the most important tourist spots that we can find in Ceylon, but there are still many others, such as the incredible tea plantations (Ceylon tea is very famous around the world) and the great beaches that surround the entire island.

But before knowing all the wonders that Sri Lanka has to offer us, we must prepare our trip.

The most important thing before visiting a country is to know what its migration policies are, that is, what are the requirements to enter its territory: Is it necessary to request a permit to enter?

And if it is necessary to apply, in which way should the permit be requested to enter the country?

Nowadays, many of the countries of the world, especially the countries of South Asia, require that a permit be previously requested so that tourists can enter their territory, this permit will be easier or harder to obtain depending on the nationality of who requests it and of the country that is intended to visit.

Let’s see what are the requirements for Belgian citizens to visit Sri Lanka.


sri lanka visa for us citizens

Sri Lanka visa for Belgian citizens

In the past, visiting Sri Lanka for tourism was a somewhat cumbersome activity, especially because of the procedure that had to be done before entering its borders.

This happened because before, to visit this country, it was necessary to apply for a traditional visa, for which you had to go to an embassy and meet a series of requirements.

But today, given that tourism is being enacted on the island, conditions have changed. Now there is another way to obtain permission to enter the country and its name is ETA.

eTA or Electronic travel authorization, as its name says is an authorization that is requested online, and that allows the applicant to enter the territory of Sri Lanka for tourism for a period of about 90 days.

This is a simple procedure, if no mistake is made, and it saves a lot less difficult than applying for a visa in the traditional way.

And luckily, for Belgian citizens, Belgium is among the countries that have the benefit of being able to request this travel authorization, making any Belgian citizen wishing to visit Ceylon to carry out this simple procedure.

How to get a Sri Lanka visa for Belgian citizens

But, although this is a procedure that saves a certain facility, the best thing to do to avoid problems at the time of the request is to leave this procedure in the hands of experts. Specialists in the application of ETA to enter Ceylon, who can guarantee that there will be no problems at the time of requesting the Eta to Sri Lanka https:

So if you are a Belgian citizen who wants to visit Sri Lanka, we can do nothing but congratulate you, because you will be making a great decision.

And we recommend that if you want to request an Eta for Sri Lanka https: in the easiest way possible, it is best that you contact experts in these procedures, as many tourists happen to them that, due to several factors, end up making a mistake in your request, which complicates the process.

But going with experts, you only need to have a credit or debit card that allows online payments, a passport with at least 6 months of validity from the moment you plan to enter the country and that’s it.

With these documents in hand, you can request the ETA to visit  Sri Lanka, and you can start one of the most incredible trips you will live in your whole life.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

Sri Lanka visa for Belgian citizens

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