Sri Lanka Visa for Azerbaijani citizens

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Sri Lanka Visa for Azerbaijani citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Azerbaijani citizens

Every year in search of an unforgettable experience, Azerbaijani citizens travel to Sri Lanka, the wonderful country where the landscape is transformed in every corner.

You can enjoy incredible dense vegetation, hundreds of animal species, even a tropical jungle. You will see cheetahs, elephants, crocodiles, lizards, butterflies, buffalo, which is incredible because you are on an island.

Besides, on Mirissa beach you will see hundreds of blue whales, the largest species on the planet. Without a doubt, Sri Lanka is a paradise on earth.

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But this is not all, the citizens of Sri Lanka are the kindest and most wonderful beings, who will always gladly receive all Azerbaijani citizens with open arms.

They without exception welcome all the tourists with a cup of tea to strengthen the bonds and offer them sincere friendship. For this reason, there is an agreement between the two countries where Azerbaijani citizens are allowed to enter Sri Lanka through an electronic travel authorization, letting them visit the nation whenever they wish to.

A complete guide for Azerbaijani citizens to apply for an eTA to Sri Lanka

The first thing every Azerbaijani citizen wonders about is the requirements to acquire the eTA to Sri Lanka, which will surprise you to know that you only need your passport to be valid for at least 6 months. Also, you must have a credit or debit card available to pay the service charges.

Once the requirements have been collected, you can proceed with the application for an electronic travel authorization.

  • The application consists of a form that asks you for your contact details, such as telephone number, email address, occupation, and home address.
  • The form can be completed quickly and you can do it from any computer with internet service. Remember to verify that all the data entered in the form to be accurate.
  • Then you proceed to pay with your credit card and you will receive an email with your payment receipt.
  • The approval response is also sent by email and you usually receive it within 72 hours.
  • This way you have completed the entire process of obtaining your eTA to Sri Lanka, without the stress of going to consulates, dealing with legal documents or waiting in long lines at the airport for authorization.

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What to do with your eTA to Sri Lanka?

Azerbaijani citizens have the possibility of entering Sri Lanka for three different reasons.

The first is for holidays, to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, to venture on different safaris, to get to know the culture of Sri Lanka and to see the immense fauna and flora of the country.

However, there is also the Electronic Business Travel Authorization, which allows the Azerbaijani citizen to attend business events or conferences.

To apply for it is the same procedure described here, only in the form you must select business instead of tourism.

Finally, there is the e-visa for transit, which lasts 72 hours, is ideal for leaving the airport, in case the plane stops in the country.

Both the tourism and business e-visas offer a 30-day permit to enjoy Sri Lanka. In this regard, you should plan your stay in the country not to exceed the duration of the e-visa. You can book your hotel and air tickets in advance to avoid any unforeseen events in a foreign country.

Except for the duration of the trip, there are no other limitations on your eTA to Sri Lanka.

All Azerbaijani citizens can visit every magical place in this beautiful country. From climbing Adam’s Peak, 2243 meters high to admire the entire island, touring the sacred city of Kandy, enjoying the paradisiacal beaches with their delicate sand and crystal clear waters, to celebrating with the sunset at the Temple of the Buddha’s tooth.

Furthermore, you can enjoy its delicious traditional cuisine, drink the best cup of tea in the world, and enjoy the most impressive craft techniques on the planet.

Sri Lanka is home to Sinhalese weaving, known as the ancient Batik, where every piece is handmade, from scarves and handkerchiefs to tapestries, sarees, and piece by piece fabrics.

Although you will be even more impressed with its blue sapphires, amethysts, topazes, and the gemstone work that is done in Sri Lanka.

sri lanka visa for us citizens

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