Sri Lanka Visa for Andorran Citizens

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Sri Lanka Visa for Andorran Citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Andorran Citizens

When looking for a travel destination, the islands are always the main option because it offers a warm tropical climate, beautiful beaches to relax, and luxury hotels for greater enjoyment.

In this sense, Andorran citizens love to travel to Sri Lanka during their holidays, to enjoy the wonderful views of the beaches with fine golden sands, also to learn about the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine, taste new flavors and foods, learn about a tradition completely different from European culture.

During your stay, you can explore the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and participate in the various festivals held throughout the year.

The best characteristic of this island is that despite being an exotic destination, its prices are relatively cheap. Besides, it’s ideal to travel to Sri Lanka because you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches without large masses of people around.

On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to know the famous island of the tea, with immense green hills whose plantations are of the recognized tea, Lipton.

But, before starting the adventure, all Andorran citizens must process for an eTA to Sri Lanka, to be accepted in the country.

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Steps and requirements for Andorran citizens to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization to Sri Lanka

The most important requirement to obtain the eTA to Sri Lanka is to have an Andorran passport which is valid for more than 6 months since your electronic authorization will be allocated to your passport number.

Besides, you must travel with both your passport and the electronic visa, as those will be required at the airport.

The first step will be to fill out the online form with all your information. To make sure you have filled out your application correctly, you should check that all fields contain the corresponding information, especially verifying that the passport number placed on the form matches your passport because this will avoid delays in its approval.

Finally, you must pay the administrative costs with your credit card. You will receive the payment confirmation in your email. Also, in a period no longer than 72 hours, you will have the approval answer, again by mail.

If it is affirmative, you will immediately have the online copy to print and save it. It is important that while you wait for your eTA to Sri Lanka, you keep the mail free of spam, to avoid confusing the authorization with an unwanted mail.

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Important Information you should know before traveling to Sri Lanka

The country’s official languages are Tamil and Sinhala, but English is spoken in most establishments as the country hosts many tourists each year. Therefore, it is recommended that before you travel, you master the basics of English so that you can move around the country without any problem.

It is safe to travel to Sri Lanka. Since the civil war ended the country has focused all its efforts on increasing tourism. However, out of respect, when engaging in discussions with local people, avoid voicing political opinions because it remains a sensitive issue for Sri Lanka citizens.

As a country that is beginning to exploit tourism, there are still places that are under construction or improvement. In this sense, you must have cash on hand to move around since not all commercial places can receive payments with credit cards, most of the shopping stores handle only cash.

The standards in Sri Lanka are strict when it comes to driving vehicles. In addition to your eTA to Sri Lanka, you will need an international driving license in case you want to rent a car to be your guide in the country.

The most recommendable is to have a private driver because besides giving you the best walks to the most iconic places of Sri Lanka, they speak English and their driving is first class.

Also, it is easy to hire a private driver because it is mostly a service offered by hotels or travel agencies.

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Sri Lanka Visa for Andorran Citizens

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